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Vela is committed to working with the well-established and customer focused distributors in NZ national market for its new launched, strong competitive product lines.


We have capacity to provide high standard quality products with 5-year warranty and large-scale production to meet complex projects demands.

About us

We know that bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is crucial to make sure that the design of a bathroom can promote your home's value. We can make your dream bathroom a reality and have expertise in an Elite bathroom renovation. We have years of experience in this industry. We know the bathroom remodeling fashions and trends. Our designers can help you in that field. Whether you're seeking to revive your bathroom's appearance with lighting fixtures and hardware or need a complete overhaul of your master bathroom to maximize storage and space, our remodeling is prepared for your project. We can acccommodate you with layouts into a floor plan that can make your dreaming bathroom. Read more We will assist you each and step during your working to make sure that we have understood your dreams, and we can turn your imagination into reality within your budget. Our experts will convert your imagination into drawing and continue it till this is something you will admire, then order all the parts and fittings required for your job. We deliver everything including bathroom mirrors and bathroom accessories to you through our logistics service when you need it and convert your dreams into reality. You are on your way to understanding exactly what you need, or whether you are just beginning to consider a new bathroom. The pages of our ideas are the place to get every information and different ideas. As soon as you understand what features and products fit your needs, it is sensible to take a step for your bathroom design. With the favourable cooperation of all vendors and contractors, our bathroom renovations Auckland work will bring you the best services and products for your bathroom re-cladding project.From textile and timber suppliers to plumbing and electrical contractors, you can be assured we have placed your project's priorities other than any bathroom shops. We pride the bathroom design nz by ourselves which suit a variety of budgets. We offer bathroom products based on trust and durability and our other services may include bathroom clearance. Our purpose is to use the minimum cost to create the best products and make the best profit for clients.