Ways to Spruce up an Older Bathroom into an Elite Bathroom

If you have an older bathroom you consider is out of fashion, don’t give up on it. The good news is that your old bathrooms can be converted into elite bathrooms. There are several ways to give your out-of-date bathroom a feel of elite bathrooms without even renovating. Sometimes, little details can make a huge difference. Listed below are some helpful tips on how to improve your old bathroom:

Update the Fixtures

Even after a decade, a pedestal sink will stay in shape, but the faucet and scones will need replacement. Changing the style of only these two items can change the look of your bathroom. You don’t have to change the tile at all. Just replace these two items with stylish ones to have an elite bathroom feel. Plus, if you have a colored tub, make sure you have it resurfaced. Let the tile color remain whatever it is and paint walls and cabinets white. With a plain clearer background, your tile will stand out.

Be mindful about the artwork

This is another way to give your old bathroom an elite bathroom feel without having to redo the tiles. The artwork can help tone down your tile color. Use the walls of your bathroom smartly and to your advantage. Make sure one or two artwork pieces match your title color, whereas the rest of them could be something you love and can feature your favorite colors. However, make sure your artwork can connect with space and doesn’t go over the top.

Paint the tiles

It won’t last long but if you want to give your bathroom an elite bathrooms look quickly without spending a lot of money, then consider painting your existing tiles. However, make sure you get your hands on a really good primer, mainly oil-based and not water-based. Even if you are planning to save money and do it all yourself, you should consult a professional painter just to get the material reviewed. Every project is unique and keeps in mind that there is no eraser that can be used to take off the paint from the tiles. So be careful. In case, if you don’t want to paint all of the tiles, you can just paint the accent tiles in a contrasting color.

Live it up

Adding fun wallpaper, a beautiful curtain, a gorgeous vanity or a ceiling fixture can make your bathroom shine more. When you dare to do something more fun with your bathroom, that’s when you can make it a perfect place. The right curtain fabric can make all the difference. Instead of drapes, you can go for a shower curtain to give that punch.