Top Rules for Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms are always the smallest in the home but can also be elegant and spacious sanctuaries. They are quite diverse in their styling and designs these days. However, certain common design principles indicate the way to success behind the different sizes and styles. Before getting down to designing your bathroom space, you need to think about a few questions:

•           What is the budget for your bathroom space?

•           Who will use the space – should it be child-friendly?

•           What are the must-have features that you want in your bathroom?

•           What is your preferred style?

Once you have addressed these questions, it will become easier for you to decide the designs you want to have for your bathroom. The following are some basic rules for bathroom designs.


Before deciding the style, it is important to think of the layout you would like to have for your bathroom. Sketching out a simple layout will be better. Be aware of the spacing between the shower, toilet, and vanity, taking account of the plumbing and wiring. Do the doors open the right way? Is there room to dry and move about? If required, build a partition wall.


It is a good idea to use bathroom storage than putting a clutter of toiletries out there. No matter how attractive they are, it can give a messy look. If your purpose is to create a well put together space, then using storage furniture is a good idea.

Racks can be feasible to use for bulk storage like folded towels and candles. Your daily use products should be accessed easily, therefore, using a vanity or wall cabinets is a good idea. The idea is to think comprehensively about what is needed to be stored and what the best possible choice is. Then you can design your bathroom space accordingly.


A great piece of advice is to be consistent when it comes to style and fitting. Many bathroom spaces look disjointed even with the most expensive fixtures. It should feel normal to use them and easy to clean. Moreover, they should be available, practical, and properly lit. Regardless of what concept you take, never let style be a hindrance to its function. Having said that, you ought not to compromise.

Ventilation and Heating

Most important factor of all is ventilation. Simply keeping your windows open after taking a shower or bath is not sufficient to ventilate. Therefore, your bathroom must have a good ventilation system. A fan can be helpful, and it can avoid mold too. For winters, having a heating system is better since it can get quite cold sometimes.

Parting advice: keep it simple. Be mindful of what you want to include in the bathroom. Don’t cram it in.