Things to consider when choosing Bathroom Renovations

Are you planning to do bathroom renovations in Auckland? Is this your first time going through such a process? It’s an exciting part of life and should be approached in the right way. Various tips and tricks can help you learn the perfect balance between your bathroom needs and bathroom design NZ.

We all desire a bathroom that depicts our personal style and at the same time also provides us with the comfort we need. However, one should not forget that the right bathroom accessories and fixtures are equally important as they add value and functioning. Listed below are some important things to consider when choosing bathroom renovations in Auckland.

Evaluate your finances

You can always evaluate the average bathroom remodelling cost for your specific area but remember that every remodelling project is different. The total amount of money you will spend will depend on the size of your bathroom, the intensity of the project, and the quality of the material used. Always ask for an estimate from your contractor before you begin the process.

Consider building a shower

A beautiful shower is a great addition to a bathroom. If you have a small bathroom or if you don’t like taking baths, it is best if you replace the tub with a walk-in shower. Removing bulky tubs from bathrooms that are narrow or have a low ceiling allows the space to feel open.

Besides that, you can opt for a frameless glass door as it will make your bathroom appear brighter and larger. This is apt for a bathroom that doesn’t have any natural lighting.

Add beautiful surfaces

Adding gorgeous surface materials to a bathroom is a smart thing to do. The entire look of the space can be changed with high-quality vanity countertops, wall tiles, floor tiles, and hardware. The easiest way to make a big change is by choosing either a statement vanity, a patterned wall, or floor tiling. They will add an attention-grabbing effect to the bathroom’s overall design.


When selecting lighting for your bathroom, opt for LED, halogen or color corrected daylight fluorescent as they all give natural white light. The softer lighting will make grooming and makeup application easier.

Slip resistant floor

As we all know, bathrooms are most of the time wet. When you are picking flooring, make sure you go for slip resistant material to avoid falling. There are various flooring options that can fit any style. The wide grout line and small tile create the friction that makes it difficult to slip in the shower.

Choose a professional

Always choose a contractor you can trust. Make sure the contractor’s mission statement aligns with your personal values. Also, ask for proof of insurance before hiring someone.