The Finishing Touch for your bathrooms

Selecting the right accessories when you prepare your bathroom remodelling project will ensure you can relax easily and get the most versatility out of your new bathroom. We will help you select the best product for your needs with options to get in and out of your bathroom or shower, as well as store your soaps and shampoos. These smallest of things can make your bathroom look more beautiful, elegant, and well-kept.

Vela design bathroom accessories and décor are designed to compliment your bathroom perfectly. For large or small bathroom renovations, attention to detail is needed to build a beautiful space designed to match your specific style. We have a wide variety of vanities, basins, mirrors, and many more accessories to suit your style.


Since the vanity is a bathroom’s most important component, you can get it in various ranges of form, size, and style. It may be traditional, regional French, art decor, country-style, minimalistic, and modern. The styles are not limited to this list. You can get your choice of style. They can be very narrow or wide to keep the sink, or they may stretch along a bathroom wall length. The size of each vanity depends on the bathroom structure. Our vanities are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes, featuring real wood and high-quality furniture joints, giving you a cost-effective bathroom feature that will make a stylish impact.


The fact that washbasins are very important cannot be denied, as they serve multiple functions. That is why you need to have one in your house. Most bathrooms are very spacious, and most of them have it built inside. Today, countless options to create an impressive and practical basin from the under-mounted sinks to the modern sophistication are available. Similarly, basins that save space if you have a small bathroom have become a fashion.


There are many benefits and possibilities linked to mirrors in the bathroom, and incorporating them into your design is only sensible. If you want a tiny bathroom to look bigger or enhance the light in the bathroom, mirrors will help. There are more ways to use mirrors than a conventional method to hang mirrors. Consider mirrored backsplashes, mirrored vases, mirrored perfume trays, mirrored jars, and/or frames of photographs, among other designs. All the light reflected will contribute to a spacious atmosphere.

There are many other small and big accessories you can use in the bathroom to make it look more stylish and immaculate. These accessories are not only for some decoration but provide great functionality as well to ease your daily routine.