Smart Tips to Use Mirrors in Bathrooms

Bathroom mirrors play a major role in developing the overall vibe of a bathroom. The way bathroom mirrors bounce light and beautify the space, they can make a huge difference in how large or small a bathroom can feel. Listed below are some amazing ideas to make the best use of bathroom mirrors:

Go big

Rather than choosing small bathroom mirrors, you should opt for bigger models. Small bathroom mirrors don’t really look best in elite bathrooms. Moreover, if you want to make your space look big, go for a mirror that stretches from the floor to the ceiling. In case, if you have a double sink, you can choose one large mirror that extends across both the sinks. Choosing two small mirrors can break up the effect.

Match the window

If you have a window on one side of the bathroom, what you can do is, hang a mirror on the opposite side across the window. The natural light coming from the window will be bounced by the mirror, hence creating an illusion of twin windows. Besides that, the mirror will also reflect views from outside, thus giving a calming feel to the room.

Pair them

You don’t have a window in your bathroom? No problem. You can still play with the illusion effect. All you have to do is put a mirror across another mirror. When you place two mirrors across each other, they help you create an illusion of endless space. Also, make sure bathroom mirrors should always be placed across something pleasant to look at. This can include some artwork or a beautiful tile wall, rather than hanging them across something less attractive.

Make a mirror wall

If you want to change your bathroom design NZ, see if you have an open wall that you can turn into a mirror. When you turn an entire plain wall into a mirror wall, it will automatically brighten up space and change the overall look. Furthermore, it will also make the space look taller. Consider framing the mirror to make sure that people know that it’s a mirror and not something else.

Make it a focal point

Always make your bathroom mirrors attractive by adding a beautiful frame or some unique style. To give an illumination effect, you can place it behind a light. Use bathroom mirrors to enhance the sense of space.