How long does a Bathroom Remodeling Project take?

Once you get your bathroom design NZ consultation and the estimate, it is your turn to decide what style and features you want for your bathroom. When you opt for Vela, if it is a small renovation project, the process could take as little as just one day.

However, if it is a large scale remodeling project, then it could take something between a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and scale of the project.

How should I prepare for the project?

All you have to do is remove your valuable NZ bathware and leave the rest on the professionals handling the project.

Are there any advantages for using Vela for the renovation project?

Traditional replacement comes with various pros and cons, whereas, when you opt for Vela, you get everything according to your personal preference. For people who prefer quick installation and low-maintenance solution, Vela is the best option for them. Whereas homeowners who prefer natural stone, for them a traditional remodeling method will be better. The amount of time spent on remodeling will change according to the options chosen by homeowners.

Are there any factors that affect the remodel time?

The fact is that there are only a few bathroom remodeling projects that go exactly as planned, but some factors change your project scheduling.

Is the project a cosmetic remodel or a rebuild?

The nature of the project decides the completion time. Some projects complete within a few days while others might require a couple of months.

Are you hiring a professional contractor or doing it yourself?

Tasks like changing a vanity mirror or replacing a bathware are simple and can be done by you. However, if you are planning to do the entire remodeling yourself, then that can even take you a year to complete the project. This means you’ll have to squeeze in remodeling time in your busy schedule and that can be very hectic. However,h if you hire a contractor, it can help you complete the project faster.

Are all the materials readily available?

Some special-order goods may cause you to wait for delivery. For example, if you have ordered imported ceramic tile, it can delay the project by several weeks.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

You can make as many timetables as possible, but no one can stop the unexpected from happening. Tradesmen can show up late, someone can get sick, sometimes materials are not readily available, and sometimes homeowners issue change orders that can slow the progress. Don’t get surprised if reality turns out to be different than what you planned.