Bathroom Mirrors to Reflect Your Style

A mirror in a bathroom is a significant feature of bathroom design. In addition to its reflection, a mirror helps enhance the room’s style. A mirror-free bathroom appears incomplete. The majority of people who think of a mirror in a bathroom envision a big, solid glass that sits on the vanity. However, this can be a common choice in the design. Typically, your bathroom mirror should be placed over your sink, but due to the layout of your room, this may not always be possible. As a consequence, you may be required to place or incorporate your mirror in a cabinet elsewhere.

Whatever your need may be, a mirror in the bathroom is a necessity, but it doesn’t mean it should lack style or design. The right bathroom mirror can contribute a sense of spaciousness, enhance natural light, and add a more stylish look to your bathroom space.

Vela has a great number of different styles of bathroom mirrors to best suit your style. Before that, let’s look at a few types of mirrors that can enhance the look and design of your bathroom without much effort.

Framed Mirror

These are the most basic style of mirrors. They can be as simple and sleek to ornate and flashy. You can choose from different types of frame colors, designs, and materials to suit your bathroom current design.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors come with built-in lighting. These mirrors are perfect for contemporary style bathrooms. If the bathroom is designed in a way that has low natural light, then these mirrors are best to choose to improve the lighting in your bathroom. The lighting chosen must be soft, because harsh or fluorescent lighting can make one feel troubled.

Ledge Mirrors

Ledge mirrors have built-in ledges. These ledges can hold bathroom products. Ledge mirrors are also called shadow boxes. These mirrors are a good choice if you have limited space. They can help to replace storage space.

Vanity Mirrors

A vanity mirror is a small mirror. It can be a hand mirror or a mirror hinged on a simple pedestal. It is placed on the vanity or near the vanity. Vanity mirrors are usually double-sided, with one side a magnifying side.

Frameless Mirrors

These mirrors don’t have frames around them. They are used to give a minimalistic look to the bathroom. They have buffed edges and are simple, a clear representation of minimalistic look.

Hanging Mirrors

These mirrors have extensions to hang them on the wall with an accordion mount. They are perfect for cramped bathrooms. They give a stylish and easy-going look.

There are many different types of mirrors to choose from. It all comes down to the choice and style you want for your bathroom.