Bathroom Accessories used in Elite Bathrooms

Elite bathrooms are made with great attention to detail. That’s the reason they can be quite expensive to modernize. Even if you don’t have enough budget to rip out your old bathroom and start from scratch, you can still add certain bathroom accessories that can give it an elite touch.

LED lighting

Nothing makes an elite bathroom look gorgeous like LED lighting. Strip lighting is extremely famous and can easily give a real classy and fun feel to any elite bathroom. However, if you are looking for something fancier, you can opt for LED lights that are available in various designs and colors.

Heated seats

Is your bath getting cold? Don’t worry, its modern age. There are several baths these days that have built-in systems that allow them to maintain and set your bath at a constant temperature. That also means you no longer have to worry about burning your toes while trying to top up the bath.

Bath caddy

It might sound a little old fashioned, but an elite bathroom has all the important bathroom accessories that you can need at any point. A bath caddy can be used to keep a book dry while you enjoy your bath or it can be helpful for holding soaps. You can also get the ones which are equipped with special holders for champagne flutes.

Body dryer

A body dryer is no doubt a luxury but let’s not forget it’s a real lifesaver as well. If you are someone who finds it difficult to dry themselves or someone with sensitive skin, then a body dryer is for you. It works amazingly; gently sending air out that blow-dries you after taking a shower.

Eco friendly shower heads

Elite bathrooms are modern and modern means eco friendly too. Installing an eco-friendly shower head is a great idea. An eco-friendly shower head can save you a large sum of money as it reduces the amount of energy and water bills.

Hydrovescent spas

Modern technology and innovation have added a new touch to this 80s technology. If you have any kind of disability that causes aches and pains, for example arthritis, then you can benefit from a Hydrovescent spa bath. They are designed to relieve chronic pain with the help of a stream of tiny bubbles that gently massage the whole body.

Towel warmers

A long shower is simply a great thing, but all good things come to an end. A towel warmer can make getting out of the shower a little less painful with a nice warm towel ready for you. You can also use heated cabinets or a freestanding towel drier.