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How long does a Bathroom Remodeling Project take?

Once you get your bathroom design NZ consultation and the estimate, it is your turn to decide what style and features you want for your bathroom. When you opt for Vela, if it is a small renovation project, the process could take as little as just one day.

However, if it is a large scale remodeling project, then it could take something between a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and scale of the project.

How should I prepare for the project?

All you have to do is remove your valuable NZ bathware and leave the rest on the professionals handling the project.

Are there any advantages for using Vela for the renovation project?

Traditional replacement comes with various pros and cons, whereas, when you opt for Vela, you get everything according to your personal preference. For people who prefer quick installation and low-maintenance solution, Vela is the best option for them. Whereas homeowners who prefer natural stone, for them a traditional remodeling method will be better. The amount of time spent on remodeling will change according to the options chosen by homeowners.

Are there any factors that affect the remodel time?

The fact is that there are only a few bathroom remodeling projects that go exactly as planned, but some factors change your project scheduling.

Is the project a cosmetic remodel or a rebuild?

The nature of the project decides the completion time. Some projects complete within a few days while others might require a couple of months.

Are you hiring a professional contractor or doing it yourself?

Tasks like changing a vanity mirror or replacing a bathware are simple and can be done by you. However, if you are planning to do the entire remodeling yourself, then that can even take you a year to complete the project. This means you’ll have to squeeze in remodeling time in your busy schedule and that can be very hectic. However,h if you hire a contractor, it can help you complete the project faster.

Are all the materials readily available?

Some special-order goods may cause you to wait for delivery. For example, if you have ordered imported ceramic tile, it can delay the project by several weeks.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

You can make as many timetables as possible, but no one can stop the unexpected from happening. Tradesmen can show up late, someone can get sick, sometimes materials are not readily available, and sometimes homeowners issue change orders that can slow the progress. Don’t get surprised if reality turns out to be different than what you planned.

Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

Cost is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about bathroom renovation. Both kitchens and elite bathrooms require quite a lot of money to get fully remodeled. However, a bathroom renovation doesn’t always have to be very expensive.

Are you planning to change the size and layout of your bathroom?

One of the best ways to save money on your bathroom remodeling is by keeping the size and layout of the bathroom the same. When you enlarge elite bathrooms, it often means there will be a lot of moving of plumbing pipes, which can be very expensive. You’ll particularly have to pay a hefty price for toilet discharge and sewer pipe. Resize the bathroom if you need to, otherwise keep it as it is. Go for a bathroom design NZ that doesn’t require moving of the objects much.

Do you have a budget and a plan?

Having a thorough plan will help you save money on a bathroom remodel. Make a realistic budget and stick to it. When you know how much money you can spend on the overall project, you know how much exactly will go on every single aspect of the upgrade. Make sure that you go over every little detail ranging from tile work and vanity mirror to paint and bathware. This will help you protect from any surprises when it comes to the cost of the total project.

Why don’t you make your own mirror?

There is no doubt that a vanity mirror can add great value to your bathroom, but if it is out of your budget then you can always make your own mirror. All you have to do is, buy a good quality mirror, hang it, and then frame it with the moldings. You will end up with a gorgeous custom-designed mirror at an affordable price.

Are you planning to upgrade the colors?

Never underestimate the value of the paint. Painting is one of the cheapest parts of bathroom remodeling but it can remake the entire look and feel. Add beautiful colors that can make your bathroom look all new and fresh.

Have you considered DIY-ing?

Tasks such as plumbing upgrades should be left to professionals because many people lack the proper knowledge and of course the tools as well. However, tasks such as hanging, tiling, and wainscoting can be learned and completed within a few days.

Have you added a touch of tile?

Adding tiles is one of the smartest ways to make your bathroom look luxurious without breaking the bank. You can add tiles to areas that need it the most like the shower or part of the floor with the heaviest use.

5 Essential Bathroom Accessories You Must Have

A bathroom is an important room and it must have a proper sense of order and necessary bathroom accessories so that we can carry our daily grooming routines easily. A good elite bathroom has everything cleaned up, organized, and ready to use. This creates tidiness, comfort, and pleasant atmosphere.

Now the most important question is, does your bathroom have all the essential bathroom accessories? Also, you must not forget when you go to bathroom shops to buy bathroom accessories, always choose accessories that are both functional and decorative.

Liquid soap dispenser

Do you prefer having a liquid soap dispenser or a soap bar in your bathroom? There is no doubt that their purpose is the same; both products help clean your hands. However, they are still quite different. Soap bars are usually kept in a dish and over time, they dry out and get dusty, which isn’t very hygienic.

Liquid dispensers on the other hand are preferred over soap bars because of their amazing features. They are super hygienic as they come in a nice bottle and you can dispense a small quantity of soap directly into your hands. Plus they can also serve as a decorative element.

Essential accessories: toilet roll holders and brushes

No bathroom is complete without toilet roll holders and brushes. Different toilet roll holders are made of different materials; some are made of metal while others are made of wood. On the other hand, toilet brushes are big and can also act as your bathroom décor. However, before putting those on display, make sure you choose the right color and design so they match other elements of the bathroom.


A bathroom must have a mirror and if you don’t have one, go immediately and buy one. Bathroom mirrors are available in several styles and sizes. Most homeowners put bathrooms above their vanity. Choose a bathroom mirror according to your bathroom’s décor and usage requirements.

Essential accessories: the shower caddy

Make your life easier with a shower caddy. It can keep your shower gel, shampoo, and sponges neat and organized. The best part is that they have a hook that allows you to hang them from the shower faucet or any other object. Furthermore, they don’t take up much space, are easy to use, and won’t get in the way. Besides being practical, they add to the beauty of the bathroom.

Storage cabinet

When you begin shopping for bathroom accessories, don’t neglect the importance of storage. A bathroom needs plenty of storage space to store bathroom supplies, cleaning products, cosmetics, and a lot more. In case you have a growing family, you will need more storage space over time.

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bathroom Mirrors for Your Home

Are you bored of your old bathroom mirror? Does it look ugly? Well, don’t worry! There is still hope. You can go to various bathroom shops, see all the latest bathroom mirrors and opt for the one you like the most.

The best bathroom mirrors are the ones that tie the space together. The elite bathroom usually has bathroom mirrors with modern amenities like built-in clocks and LEDs. However, others may have a unique shape.

Moreover, it’s best to go for a framed mirror that is minimal yet elegant. It will certainly match your modern and clean space in a great way. Listed below are some of the important tips that will help you choose the right bathroom mirror.

Keep Your Room’s Style in Mind

The first and most important thing is that you should be aware of the type of aesthetic you are going for. Not every mirror you find attractive will be suitable for your bathroom space. If you have a traditional kind of bathroom, then it’s better to choose a bathroom mirror that is large and gives a timeless traditional vibe. For modern bathrooms, a frameless mirror with trendy technical features will work just fine.

Bathroom Mirror Size Matters

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, size is extremely important. You don’t want a giant mirror taking all the space of your tiny bathroom. Make sure you measure your space well before making any decision. Also, keep all the negative space in mind that you want to cover up with art or maybe some new lights. The best bathroom mirror doesn’t take all the space of the wall.

Wall of Mirrors vs. Single Mirror

If you want a wow-factor, then maybe you can make your entire bathroom a mirror. Some homeowners go for mirrors built into the walls; it gives a modern and luxurious touch to space. However, these mirrors are not for everyone. Many people are not comfortable with the idea of seeing every single part of themselves every time they enter the bathroom. Most people choose a single mirror that rests above the vanity surface.

Unique Styles: Modern and Fun

If you want to do a modern update, then you should find a mirror that comes with LEDs installed, as it will lighten up the space and make it more welcoming. Some mirrors are equipped with additional features like clocks. Besides that, some mirrors have demisting features. Such mirrors are best for people who love taking hot showers.

Mirrors can be tricky to pick since they are such an important feature of your bathroom. So go for something that complements your space.

Bathroom Accessories used in Elite Bathrooms

Elite bathrooms are made with great attention to detail. That’s the reason they can be quite expensive to modernize. Even if you don’t have enough budget to rip out your old bathroom and start from scratch, you can still add certain bathroom accessories that can give it an elite touch.

LED lighting

Nothing makes an elite bathroom look gorgeous like LED lighting. Strip lighting is extremely famous and can easily give a real classy and fun feel to any elite bathroom. However, if you are looking for something fancier, you can opt for LED lights that are available in various designs and colors.

Heated seats

Is your bath getting cold? Don’t worry, its modern age. There are several baths these days that have built-in systems that allow them to maintain and set your bath at a constant temperature. That also means you no longer have to worry about burning your toes while trying to top up the bath.

Bath caddy

It might sound a little old fashioned, but an elite bathroom has all the important bathroom accessories that you can need at any point. A bath caddy can be used to keep a book dry while you enjoy your bath or it can be helpful for holding soaps. You can also get the ones which are equipped with special holders for champagne flutes.

Body dryer

A body dryer is no doubt a luxury but let’s not forget it’s a real lifesaver as well. If you are someone who finds it difficult to dry themselves or someone with sensitive skin, then a body dryer is for you. It works amazingly; gently sending air out that blow-dries you after taking a shower.

Eco friendly shower heads

Elite bathrooms are modern and modern means eco friendly too. Installing an eco-friendly shower head is a great idea. An eco-friendly shower head can save you a large sum of money as it reduces the amount of energy and water bills.

Hydrovescent spas

Modern technology and innovation have added a new touch to this 80s technology. If you have any kind of disability that causes aches and pains, for example arthritis, then you can benefit from a Hydrovescent spa bath. They are designed to relieve chronic pain with the help of a stream of tiny bubbles that gently massage the whole body.

Towel warmers

A long shower is simply a great thing, but all good things come to an end. A towel warmer can make getting out of the shower a little less painful with a nice warm towel ready for you. You can also use heated cabinets or a freestanding towel drier.

Things to consider when choosing Bathroom Renovations

Are you planning to do bathroom renovations in Auckland? Is this your first time going through such a process? It’s an exciting part of life and should be approached in the right way. Various tips and tricks can help you learn the perfect balance between your bathroom needs and bathroom design NZ.

We all desire a bathroom that depicts our personal style and at the same time also provides us with the comfort we need. However, one should not forget that the right bathroom accessories and fixtures are equally important as they add value and functioning. Listed below are some important things to consider when choosing bathroom renovations in Auckland.

Evaluate your finances

You can always evaluate the average bathroom remodelling cost for your specific area but remember that every remodelling project is different. The total amount of money you will spend will depend on the size of your bathroom, the intensity of the project, and the quality of the material used. Always ask for an estimate from your contractor before you begin the process.

Consider building a shower

A beautiful shower is a great addition to a bathroom. If you have a small bathroom or if you don’t like taking baths, it is best if you replace the tub with a walk-in shower. Removing bulky tubs from bathrooms that are narrow or have a low ceiling allows the space to feel open.

Besides that, you can opt for a frameless glass door as it will make your bathroom appear brighter and larger. This is apt for a bathroom that doesn’t have any natural lighting.

Add beautiful surfaces

Adding gorgeous surface materials to a bathroom is a smart thing to do. The entire look of the space can be changed with high-quality vanity countertops, wall tiles, floor tiles, and hardware. The easiest way to make a big change is by choosing either a statement vanity, a patterned wall, or floor tiling. They will add an attention-grabbing effect to the bathroom’s overall design.


When selecting lighting for your bathroom, opt for LED, halogen or color corrected daylight fluorescent as they all give natural white light. The softer lighting will make grooming and makeup application easier.

Slip resistant floor

As we all know, bathrooms are most of the time wet. When you are picking flooring, make sure you go for slip resistant material to avoid falling. There are various flooring options that can fit any style. The wide grout line and small tile create the friction that makes it difficult to slip in the shower.

Choose a professional

Always choose a contractor you can trust. Make sure the contractor’s mission statement aligns with your personal values. Also, ask for proof of insurance before hiring someone.

Things to Consider before your Bathroom Renovation

Thinking to renovate your bathroom space? Looking for considerable ideas and things to follow? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are on the right page. However, before starting a bathroom renovation project, consider the following to have a dream bathroom space!

Plan Your Required Budget

Before you start dreaming about installing elite bathroom items or expensive-looking bathroom mirrors with a bathtub and hanging the crystal chandelier from the bathroom ceiling, it might be a good idea to sit back and set a budget. There is no point in planning anything if it turns out that you can’t afford it, after all. Budgeting will also help you guide the decision-making process. While, if you are performing a complete bathroom renovation, you may find hidden problems you did not know, such as hidden water damage, structural deficiencies, etc. Just be aware of the fact that you may have to deal with such problems. In fact, it is a good idea to allocate a portion of your budget to such problems if they arise. Besides, it is very important to plan your bathroom designs and bathroom accessories before starting your bathroom renovation project. This will save you time and you will get an accurate idea of your budget.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Bathroom Accessories

If you are planning to spend years and years in your home, then you will have to keep in mind that your design should be based on this decision. Consider safety and accessibility when planning bathroom renovations. For example, you might want to secure a floor with some grip in it so that it does not slip easily. You may also need to install grip bars to increase safety. It is also a good thing to consider the space you have to work with. The more spacious bathroom tends to feel more comfortable and is usually more accessible. If you have limited bathroom space, consider replacing the bathtub with a shower. The pedestal basin may be more suitable for a smaller space than a large vanity as well.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

The most important thing to consider again is storage. It is an important factor for successful bathroom renovation. If you don’t have enough storage space, the bathroom counter and floor will get messy in a short time. Consider cabinets, shelves, and even corner shelves in the shower space. Besides, the bathroom needs to have a good function and ambiance along with proper lighting. The bathroom can not only rely on general lighting – but it also needs appropriate lighting, such as the wall sconces that surround bathroom mirrors. You can also check our exclusive range of bathroom renovations Auckland products and bathroom clearance sales along with bathroom design NZ on our website.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Strategy

Are you looking for a trusted company where you can find classic bathroom accessories? Maybe you are planning to do a bathroom remodel project. If yes, then this blog is for you as we will highlight the best Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Strategies.

Things to know before starting Bathroom Remodeling

Modernizing your bathroom renovations is always an interesting and exhilarating task. We all want a bathroom that reflects your style and at the same time provides the comfort we need. In addition to this, it is also significant that it has the right bathroom accessories and facilities that are also capable of providing function and value. Luckily, with careful planning, finding the right workers, and by selecting the right design, you can achieve all of this.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel Wisely

After doing careful planning and finding the right workers, you need to plan your bathroom accessories accordingly. You can also check out our bathroom design NZ for all the exceptional looking bathroom ideas and elite bathrooms designs.

While many homes usually have at least one bathroom with washbasin, toilet, and bathtub, an additional sink is a popular choice for most people, particularly in homes where the bathroom often uses more than one person. The main bathroom should especially take into account the space required for two washbasins, two vanities, and even two medicine cabinets.

It is significant to look beyond the bathroom space. Think about the complete look of your bathroom space. What type of layout is appropriate for the design? Does your favorite bathroom design blend well with the rest of your home? Keep in mind, though, that not everything has to match exactly to fit nicely into your lavatory. This way you will get the exact idea of your future bathroom and bathroom remodeling will be super easy.

Implement Your Bathroom Remodeling Plan Accordingly

Subsequently deciding all the concepts and designs, it is time to decide the colors and budget of the remodeling project. This is a good way for you to plan your bathroom planning around the idea of what is practical. Instead of redesigning from a design perspective, think instead of things from a usage perspective. Planning an effective space has everything to do with your lifestyle and how you can best use the space. Make sure to include this in your bathroom remodeling.

Now let’s talk about buying products within your budget. You can easily buy bathroom mirrors and some bathroom clearance items from bathroom shops. To see the complete range of products, head to our website.

Bathroom Mirrors to Reflect Your Style

A mirror in a bathroom is a significant feature of bathroom design. In addition to its reflection, a mirror helps enhance the room’s style. A mirror-free bathroom appears incomplete. The majority of people who think of a mirror in a bathroom envision a big, solid glass that sits on the vanity. However, this can be a common choice in the design. Typically, your bathroom mirror should be placed over your sink, but due to the layout of your room, this may not always be possible. As a consequence, you may be required to place or incorporate your mirror in a cabinet elsewhere.

Whatever your need may be, a mirror in the bathroom is a necessity, but it doesn’t mean it should lack style or design. The right bathroom mirror can contribute a sense of spaciousness, enhance natural light, and add a more stylish look to your bathroom space.

Vela has a great number of different styles of bathroom mirrors to best suit your style. Before that, let’s look at a few types of mirrors that can enhance the look and design of your bathroom without much effort.

Framed Mirror

These are the most basic style of mirrors. They can be as simple and sleek to ornate and flashy. You can choose from different types of frame colors, designs, and materials to suit your bathroom current design.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors come with built-in lighting. These mirrors are perfect for contemporary style bathrooms. If the bathroom is designed in a way that has low natural light, then these mirrors are best to choose to improve the lighting in your bathroom. The lighting chosen must be soft, because harsh or fluorescent lighting can make one feel troubled.

Ledge Mirrors

Ledge mirrors have built-in ledges. These ledges can hold bathroom products. Ledge mirrors are also called shadow boxes. These mirrors are a good choice if you have limited space. They can help to replace storage space.

Vanity Mirrors

A vanity mirror is a small mirror. It can be a hand mirror or a mirror hinged on a simple pedestal. It is placed on the vanity or near the vanity. Vanity mirrors are usually double-sided, with one side a magnifying side.

Frameless Mirrors

These mirrors don’t have frames around them. They are used to give a minimalistic look to the bathroom. They have buffed edges and are simple, a clear representation of minimalistic look.

Hanging Mirrors

These mirrors have extensions to hang them on the wall with an accordion mount. They are perfect for cramped bathrooms. They give a stylish and easy-going look.

There are many different types of mirrors to choose from. It all comes down to the choice and style you want for your bathroom.

Top Rules for Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms are always the smallest in the home but can also be elegant and spacious sanctuaries. They are quite diverse in their styling and designs these days. However, certain common design principles indicate the way to success behind the different sizes and styles. Before getting down to designing your bathroom space, you need to think about a few questions:

•           What is the budget for your bathroom space?

•           Who will use the space – should it be child-friendly?

•           What are the must-have features that you want in your bathroom?

•           What is your preferred style?

Once you have addressed these questions, it will become easier for you to decide the designs you want to have for your bathroom. The following are some basic rules for bathroom designs.


Before deciding the style, it is important to think of the layout you would like to have for your bathroom. Sketching out a simple layout will be better. Be aware of the spacing between the shower, toilet, and vanity, taking account of the plumbing and wiring. Do the doors open the right way? Is there room to dry and move about? If required, build a partition wall.


It is a good idea to use bathroom storage than putting a clutter of toiletries out there. No matter how attractive they are, it can give a messy look. If your purpose is to create a well put together space, then using storage furniture is a good idea.

Racks can be feasible to use for bulk storage like folded towels and candles. Your daily use products should be accessed easily, therefore, using a vanity or wall cabinets is a good idea. The idea is to think comprehensively about what is needed to be stored and what the best possible choice is. Then you can design your bathroom space accordingly.


A great piece of advice is to be consistent when it comes to style and fitting. Many bathroom spaces look disjointed even with the most expensive fixtures. It should feel normal to use them and easy to clean. Moreover, they should be available, practical, and properly lit. Regardless of what concept you take, never let style be a hindrance to its function. Having said that, you ought not to compromise.

Ventilation and Heating

Most important factor of all is ventilation. Simply keeping your windows open after taking a shower or bath is not sufficient to ventilate. Therefore, your bathroom must have a good ventilation system. A fan can be helpful, and it can avoid mold too. For winters, having a heating system is better since it can get quite cold sometimes.

Parting advice: keep it simple. Be mindful of what you want to include in the bathroom. Don’t cram it in.